The Range of Instruments

The interRAI integrated suite of instruments was released in April 2005.  Instruments in the suite share common core items, and are designed to work together across care settings. These instruments share common items, definitions, timeframes and scales which will underpin continuity of care.  The initial release comprised eight instruments for long term care, home care, assisted living, palliative care, mental health and post acute care. They replaced earlier versions that were in widespread use elsewhere in the world. 

Manuals, scales, casemix tools and quality indicators will be progressively released. Information will be posted on the interRAI website and distributed through the interRAI mailing list. The instruments may be obtained by contacting the Australian or New Zealand interRAI Coordinating Centre or Mary James at the University of Michigan.

The suite comprises:

  • interRAI AC (Acute Care)* for frail older persons in acute hospital settings
  • interRAI CHA (Community Health Assessment)* for persons with low levels of need in community settings
  • interRAI CA (Contact Assessment)^ for persons with non-complex or short term care requirements in community settings
  • interRAI HC (Home Care)*^ for persons with complex care requirements in community settings
  • interRAI PAC (Post Acute Care)* for persons in inpatient subacute settings
  • interRAI PC (Palliative Care)* for persons in palliative care programs
  • interRAI AL (Assisted Living) for persons with low levels of need in residential settings
  • interRAI LTCF (Long Term Care Facility)*^ for persons with complex care requirements in residential care settings
  • interRAI CMH (Community Mental Health) for persons in community mental health service settings
  • interRAI MH (Mental Health) for persons in inpatient mental health services
  • interRAI ID (Intellectual Disability)

In development:

  • interRAI PWD (Persons With Disability)

Further detail is provided on the downloads page as an overview of the Acute Care and Home Care tools.

* Australian versions of these instruments have been produced.
^ The NZ versions of the Home Care, Residential Care and Contact Assessment tools may be accessed through the NZ Coordinating Centre.