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From the editor

Multiple new significant implementations of the interRAI suite, announced in recent months, may represent a turning point for interRAI and the suite. Until now, the majority of large implementations have involved older instruments. “Upgrades” to the new suite have not occurred at the rate at which we had hoped. However, major implementations are now proceeding in several US states, including New York, as well as in Singapore.


Len Gray


>> New York State moves to adopt the interRAI Suite

>> Contract signed with State of South Dakota

 >> Singapore moves to adopt the interRAI



New York State moves to adopt the interRAI Suite

The State of New York is proceeding to adopt the interRAI suite for long term care, commencing with the interRAI Home Care instrument. New York represents one of the world’s largest economies, and thus acceptance of the interRAI approach represents a significant milestone for interRAI and the interRAI suite.

The following is an extract from a recent media release:

“Commissioner Daines announced the release of a request for proposals to support the development and implementation of a Uniform Assessment Tool (UAT) for Long-Term Care in New York State. The UAT will ensure that New Yorkers receiving Medicaid community-based long term care services are consistently assessed and their needs identified in order to accurately plan service.

The UAT is based on a uniform data set derived from analysis of the existing assessment process across New York programs. Current assessment involves more than a dozen different assessment tools to determine medical, social, cognitive and functional needs.

After extensive research, stakeholder collaboration, and external validation, required goals of a standardized assessment tool were identified to include:

  • Access to programs and services with minimum duplication and maximum consistency;
  • Assessment of functional needs through empirically tested and validated means;
  • Uniformity of data across settings and use of an automated system.

The UAT will be developed using the interRAI Suite of assessment instruments.

It is anticipated that this project will enhance service provision for persons in need of long term care services and improve policy choices due to enhanced knowledge of actual resident needs.”

You can find the RFP at:


Contract signed with State of South Dakota

interRAI recently signed a contract with the State of South Dakota to use the interRAI HC and CHA. South Dakota is a relatively small US state (46th in population, with 800,000 inhabitants), but was one of the first many years ago to implement RUG-based case-mix payment to nursing homes.


Singapore moves to adopt the interRAI LTCF and HC

The Singapore government has developed a widening interest in the interRAI suite, and has recently moved to implement both the LTCF and HC instruments in a range of its services. It is also strongly considering implementation of the MH and AC instruments.


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Research projects


Quality Indicators for Older Persons in the Emergency Department

The Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Queensland in Australia has has been awarded a grant (A$280,000) by the Queensland Emergency Medical Research Foundation for a project focused on developing a quality framework for frail older people in Emergency Departments. interRAI ED items will be extensively utilised in the project, which aims to develop and test process and outcome indicators for the care of older people in the ED. Data will be collected from 8 EDs across Australia.

The project is lead by Dr. Ellen Burkett, an emergency medicine staff specialist at Princess Alexandra Hospital, with co-investigators Professor Len Gray, A/Professor Rich Jones, Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan and PhD candidate, Linda Schnitker. It is a three year project involving a review of the literature, expert panel involvement and extensive field work to test a potential indicator set (including process, outcome and structural indicators). 


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Instrument development


Nursing Care Assessment for disabled children

Charles Phillips and Catherine Hawes at the Texas A&M Health Science Center received a contract from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to develop and test a NURSING CARE ASSESSMENT FORM for disabled children in the Texas Medicaid program. This tool will be based on the iHC and other interRAI instruments. interRAI will hold copyright on the instrument outside of Texas. A draft of the instrument will be discussed at the ISD meeting in Vienna later this month.

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Recent publications


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