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>> 2010 Canadian interRAI Conference - October 4 - 6

>> interRAI Asia Regional Conference in Brisbane, Australia

>> New manuals

>> ISD meeting at Port Douglas, Queensland

>> CESifo DICE Report: Improving the quality of long-term care



2010 Canadian interRAI Conference - October 4 - 6

Mark your calendar for the 2010 Canadian InterRAI conference. Being held in downtown Toronto, this annual conference provides an important forum that brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners using the interRAI system of instruments used in Acute Care, Community and Home Care, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Mental Health, Palliative Care and Developmental Services. These evidence based electronic instruments capture client assessment information that is used to support care planning and delivery, quality improvement, health system management and policy development.

Check the website for more details:

interRAI Asia Regional Conference in Brisbane, Australia

The first interRAI Asia-Oceania Regional Conference was a great success.  Three countries – Australian, New Zealand and Singapore – were strongly represented.  The two day meeting comprised keynote addresses and series of semi-formal workshops.  The workshops included introductory talks by interRAI Fellows, some submitted presentations relevant to the topic, followed by an open conversation.  This format seemed to work very well.

The Deputy Premier of Queensland (one of Australia’s largest states) officially launched the interRAI AC Manual and Form internationally.

An interRAI booth was supported by staff from the University of Queensland.  A comprehensive display of all published manuals and forms provided an impression of substance and organisation for interRAI which we have been seeking for some time. 

The Singapore delegation of over 30 people – the majority linked to government in some way – was led by Dr. Han Kwee Ho, Director - Primary & Community Care Division of the Ministry of Health, Singapore []. Discussions with Brant Fries revealed an intense interest from Singapore in a multi-domain implementation, with emphases on reform of home and long term care, and on better management of the interface between hospital and community care systems.  Negotiations are continuing beyond the meeting towards a partnership between the Singapore government and interRAI.


New manuals

Since the last newsletter, issue 4 (April 2010), new manuals have been released by OBS and are available for purchase on the interRAI website. These include the interRAI AC, interRAI PC and interRAI CHA.  The CHA manual incorporates the mental health, intellectual disability and functional supplements.

It is worth noting that there is no “default” manual in English.  Each manual is customised to an English speaking country – for example, the currently available interRAI AC manual is customised for Australia. Each English version manual uses a dictionary suited to the local situation.  That said, these manuals serve reasonably well for any English speaking country.  Conversion to another English version (say for the United Kingdom) is a relatively simple task which can be negotiated with Brant and John Morris and the publishers.  We expect to see publication of Australian versions of the interRAI HC and LTCF in the near future.

To see manuals on sale, visit the interRAI website at and click on the “Buy Books” tab.

ISD meeting at Port Douglas, Queensland

The ISD met in Port Douglas in Northern Queensland.  No participants were taken by crocodiles, but one large specimen seemed to have an eye for the North Americans.  New Zealand interRAI Fellows, Nigel Millar and Brigette Larkins attended the meeting, which was hosted by Australian interRAI Fellow, Len Gray.

Areas receiving considerable attention at present included CAPs for the PC, Quality Indicators (HC, AC), Quality of Life instruments, the Post Acute Care supplement to the AC, instrumentation for Dementia and Cancer, and Paediatric assessment.  


CESifo DICE Report: Improving the quality of long-term care

Vince Mor has published a piece in the CESifo DICE (Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe) Report, a quarterly journal for institutional comparisons published by the Ifo Institute.  This report comments on new entries to the database and offers a forum for the discussion of institutional topics among researchers from the Ifo Institute, the CESifo research network and other economic research. Vince discusses issues related to quality measurement and mentions interRAI and his previous WHO report (Long-term care quality monitoring using the Inter RAI common clinical assessment language, 2009). You can view this issue (CESifo DICE Report 2/2010) here .

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Recent publications

Steel, R. K. (2010). Gero-Economics. Journal of the American Geriatric Society; 58(4):793-793. DOI: 10.1111/j.1532-5415.2010.02784.x

Steel, K (2010). Is Alzheimer’s a Single Disease? The New England Journal of Medicine; 362(19):1844-1845 [Letter to the Editor].


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