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From the editor

A highpoint for this year will be the Regional meeting in Brisbane.  There is considerable interest in interRAI systems within Singapore – a large delegation will be at the conference.  We also expect many friends from New Zealand. I hope to see many of you there. 

Please take a look at the “Buy Books” section of the interRAI website (  Many instruments are now in print.  The first Australian manual – the interRAI Acute Care – will be released on May 4 at the Conference.  We hope to produce Australian versions of the Post Acute Care, Home Care and Long Term Care instruments over the next year or so.

Len Gray


>> interRAI Asia Oceania Regional Conference - Set to Go

>> New manuals released 

>> RUG IV emerges

A cultural review of the interRAI Home Care assessment



interRAI Asia Oceania Regional Conference on May 3- 4 - Set to Go!
Final preparations for the inaugural Regional Conference are in train. 

Highlights of the meeting will include the international launch of the interRAI Acute Care system; keynotes from a wide range of international speakers from interRAI; and a series of workshops focusing on implementation, software, training, quality indicators, and, of course, individual instruments.  A large delegation from Singapore is expected, where large scale implementation of multiple interRAI systems is contemplated.

To review the program in detail, and to register, visit

This promises to be a great meeting.

New manuals released

A visit to the interRAI website will show an expanding list of interRAI forms and training manuals becoming available, for the interRAI suite.  The interRAI Mental Health and interRAI Community Health Assessment manuals have recently been released.  The interRAI Acute Care is planned for release in May 2010.  These are added to the interRAI Long Term Care Facility and interRAI Home Care manuals which were previously available.  These manuals are thoroughly prepared and beautifully presented. Visit and click on the “Buy Books” tab.

RUG IV emerges

interRAI President, Brant Fries has recently completed the US government-funded STRIVE project, to update the RUG-III nursing home case-mix system.  This project involved the detailed measurement of care times for over 10,000 residents in a nationally-representative sample.  The resulting RUG-IV system has 66 distinct groups with the same basic structure as RUG-III, but with improved identification of heavy care residents, in-facility use of services, etc.

This project is collaborating with John Hirdes’ parallel Canadian CAN-STRIVE project. Based on the interRAI MDS 2.0, RUG-IV will also be fit to the new suite interRAI LTCF through CAN-STRIVE research.  RUG-IV will be implemented in the $30 billion US Nursing Home Prospective Payment System in 2011.

A cultural review of the interRAI Home Care assessment

As part of the New Zealand interRAI National District Health Board (DHB) Implementation Project Maori stakeholders provided a cultural review of the Home Care assessment;  the scope of the items and the process of assessment, particularly from the point of view of non Maori assessors assessing Maori clients. The cultural review found that the items on the Home Care assessment are relevant for Maori.  The interRAI methodology is advantageous to assessment for Maori. The focus on the response rather than the question provides freedom for the assessor to collect the data in a culturally appropriate manner. The competency of the assessor is critical to the process. A cultural framework for assessment for Maori has been identified and specific guidelines for assessing Maori clients have been provided to the Project. The guidelines are incorporated into New Zealand interRAI training competencies.  Any new information learned through the experience of the national roll out will be shared with the DHBs.  


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Recent publications

Teno J M., Mitchell S L., Gozalo P L., Dosa D., Hsu A., Intrator O., Mor V. (2010). Hospital Characteristics Associated With Feeding Tube Placement in Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Cognitive Impairment.  JAMA; 303(6): 544 - 550. DOI:10.1001/jama.2010.79

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