Training in the use of the interRAI tools is essential in order to ensure reliability of the data items.  Without proper training interpretation of the interRAI codes and coding system is exposed to error. 

interRAI Australia does not provide training.  Advice about suitable trainers may be obtained by contacting us directly by email or telephone.

In general, a training program will comprise an introduction to interRAI and the interRAI suite of tools, detailed instruction on application of the relevant minimum data set, review of the manual, CAPs and scales and an introduction to care planning and review using the interRAI approach. 

Ideally software training should be offered at the same time as the interRAI training.  interRAI recommends the use of software with any of its tools as the implementation success rate improves markedly.  Software training is typically provided by a trainer from the software company.

At present, the following organisations offer interRAI training:



RAIPlus at The University of Queensland through Uniquest

      Contact: Bonnie Pimm


New Zealand:

Training in New Zealand may be arranged through application to the Coordinating Centre at